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  1. Africanchristian says:

    All this Islamic …
    All this Islamic accusation that Tommy Robinson and other opponents of Islam are ‘racist’ is just smokescreen to hide the FACT that Islam’s prophet was a racist ‘white man’ who (a) enslaved a black man (b) pointed to a black man as an example of how Satan looks.

  2. 1975davidhaz says:

    Bournemouth, …
    Bournemouth, England. Come and meet me anytime you lying Lefty cunt.

  3. JellyBeanMolotov says:

    So all the videos …
    So all the videos of EDLics giving Nazi salutes are fake according to you. I have yet to see any images where 8 out of 10 arrests being made were of UAF. I have seen images of where 10 of 10 arrests were of EDLics.

    What are you yapping about liars and disgrace to this country, your not even from the UK.

  4. 1975davidhaz says:

    what the are …
    what the are you on about?!?!? Police reports? What police reports? which demo? EDL never give nazi salutes – if they do they are told to go away and never come back! Time and time again we see headlines like 10 arested at EDL demo” why is it that they don’t say that 8 of those arested were UAF!!!! You are the fascists not EDL. Also what are you on about skin color? There are people of all colors in the EDL at every demo. Liars like you are a disgrace to this country.

  5. MARNZ .MDARG says:

    Akala is the only …
    Akala is the only one that got it right.

  6. JellyBeanMolotov says:

    Tommy “gums” …
    Tommy “gums” Robinson is an agent provocateur. He incites hate. He is the modern version of the Nazi Brown Shirts, only about a foot shorter. I’m not saying I’m prejudice against short people. Hitler, Stalin, Bush, Mussolini, Nethanyahu, Mao, Pol Pot, Napoleon were all short. All have their names in history books the world over. All Robnison wants to do is go down in history like any other pint sized munchkin.

  7. JellyBeanMolotov says:

    Police reports …
    Police reports claimed it was the EDL that threw the glasses, broke shop windows, attacked the police, attacked each other, gave the Nazi salute, showed up drunk, tore down fences. But according to you it was UAF and MDL. Are UK cops really that stupid that they can’t tell which group is which or do you really think a bunch of MDL and UAF deceptively convinced the UK police into thinking they were the EDL by running around corner changing attire and in some case skin color and attacked the cops?

  8. Fash ista says:

    @SinghGOAT how is …
    @SinghGOAT how is Saira a slag? Please explain..

  9. 925jj says:

    Thats actually …
    Thats actually completely wrong. You need to watch more interviews before you speak so sternly about what Tommy Robinson hasnt said.

  10. Charizarzar says:

    It doesn’t tell me …
    It doesn’t tell me anything, dumbo, because Muslims are not a race.

  11. FuckDaMedia says:

    well i think hes …
    well i think hes smart enough not to say ‘i hate pakis’ on tv, so it dont mean that hes not rascist dont be so naive. he says the muslims shud go back to where they come from if they want a mosque in their area? what does that tell ya?

  12. SinghGOAT says:

    saira khan is a …
    saira khan is a slag

  13. LucasPimpin says:


  14. 1975davidhaz says:

    What difference …
    What difference does it make where his parents come from? are you racist? I don’t have to watch your video I’ve been to several demos. 9x out of 10 the only time there is violence is in response to the pathetic UAF and MDL who throw bottles n bricks from behind police lines like the cowards they are. I’m shocked there isn’t more violence considering what our traitor government are doing to this country.

  15. ALBERT ross says:

    watch?v=jBwLrY0sY7Y …
    watch?v=jBwLrY0sY7Y here we have the EDL smashing up the country “they love so much” L☺L
    Your vertically challenged leader is an Irish immigrant!

  16. john smith says:

    it gets tiring to …
    it gets tiring to point out that what you saying is factually untrue, tommy does not call for repatriation of non indigenous, if he did I would support him as im fast becoming a minority in my own ancient homeland you talk of rights? INVADERS HAVE NO RIGHTS, COLONISERS HAVE NO RIGHTS

  17. WollatonNASA says:

    Tommy robinson isnt …
    Tommy robinson isnt racist. He’s facist. He targets a group in a supposedly “free country” and says that they should go back. Nah, that aint right, you lot need to get some morals defending that idiot.

  18. mattlewis1 says:

    BBC is so racist …
    BBC is so racist not Tommy..

    Tommy is speaking truth

  19. Charizarzar says:

    Would you mind …
    Would you mind telling me how he’s racist? I’d be fascinated to know. I’d also love to know how he got “owned” as you put it, by Akala.

  20. john lee says:



  21. 1975davidhaz says:

    the one who uses …
    the one who uses assumptions in a debate is a fool. Perhaps you should try looking for yourself rather than believing the misrepresentations of our media and politicians. Try checking different sources when you read a story. 

  22. 1975davidhaz says:

    the one who uses …
    the one who uses assumptions in a debate is a fool. Perhaps you should try looking for yourself rather than believing the misrepresentations of our media and politicians. Try checking different sources when you read a story.

  23. XVonGrimmX says:

    You’re just like a …
    You’re just like a politician. Your talk doesn’t match your actions bruv.

  24. Hasan-Ur Rashid says:

    Tommy that racist …
    Tommy that racist thug got owned by Akala!!!!

  25. 1975davidhaz says:

    EDL has nothing to …
    EDL has nothing to do with hate. It’s all about love. We love our country. It’s a natural and positive human instinct to protect that which you love. Sounds to me your the one who hates

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