the constitution Airing Date Feb.25, 2009

United Nations Wants To Regulate Free Speech Of Every Nation
Featured guest is Christopher Hitchens
Do you believe the United Nations’ restriction of freedom of speech in the United States should be tolerated?

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25 Responses to “United Nations Wants To Regulate Free Speech Of Every Nation”

  1. jom5011 says:

    Fuck religion, …
    religion, Islam, Muhammad, Allah, and Jesus. Will these bronze-age peasants stop trying to silence everybody who just wants to be left alone? You can have your stupid fairy tales, you just don’t get to tell the rest of the people what they can and cannot talk about.

  2. jazmx says:

    Islam in its …
    Islam in its fundamental scripture is disrespectful of christians and more if jews, it’s theologically permitted and “true” that jews are the brothers of monkeys and pigs, as per all the Sunni main four scholars, based on true saying of Mohammad.. let’s see what law can ban this kind of “believes” first…

  3. Thumper396396 says:

    ISLAM ALL BRAINWASHING DELUDED RELIGION, HOW DARE YOU PERVERT MY WAY OF LIFE AS I LIVE AS I CAN, YET IM ACCUSED AS A BIGOT, RACIST ETC, GO YOURSELF,I’m a free thinker not retarded by any religion, Im an adult that is clear of my own ideas of living a happy life and expressing my happieness to all.

  4. fastballonly says:

    Islam is the …
    Islam is the biggest threat to humanity.
    We need to get this cult of death leashed to the ground.

  5. troykool14 says:

    We need to leave …
    We need to leave the UN…what an obscene insult to individual rights.

  6. thanatoz420 says:

    lol thats funny… …
    lol thats funny… i read the qu’ran b4 lol and thats actually against their religion… it says not too force they’re opinions on otheres like that lol matter of a fact it says if people do not want to believe in what they believe in not too waste time with them and too just ignore them and let them believe what they want. lol… hypocrits lol..

  7. ninnzbinnz says:

    hurt feelings of …
    hurt feelings of religion. im christian. i beleive in burning non christian religious material and items belonging to christian converts. book of acts. so protect my religious right. UN are snots making laws good for nothing. just sucking up more money. useless.

  8. ninnzbinnz says:

    what is defametory. …
    what is defametory. tell them anything they call it defametory. the UN.

  9. Todda468 says:

    whats the UN gonna …
    whats the UN gonna do if we violate it, make another resolution.

  10. roberaith says:

    Muslim is not …
    Muslim is not currently covered by the US’s hate crime laws concerning religion, so hopefully this will help a bit in promoting tolerance.

  11. roberaith says:

    I think this law …
    I think this law was meant to make it a hate crime to defame Islamic people, simply because they’re Muslim. I know one of my ex’s was Muslim and I HATED it when some ignorant idiot started talking about Al Qaeda. The Islam nations pushing the bill got it right, and not all the Muslims in the US, or in the world, are even remotely supportive of Al Qaeda.

  12. PierreRMB says:

    Ok. This is one of …
    Ok. This is one of those situations when Europe agrees with America. Islam. Long live EU and Long Live America.

  13. vcupiano says:

    maybe when you stop …
    maybe when you stop blowing up innocent people we’ll stop talk negatively about you

  14. vcupiano says:

    un stay the …
    un stay the out of america

  15. mouthyweasel says:

    0:46 Would someone …
    0:46 Would someone please overdub in the farting noise we all expected to hear just here.


    This atheist …
    This atheist matherfucker love free speech shit


    Free speech is evil …
    Free speech is evil shit

  18. BlackDiamond0562 says:

    Openhigh anyone? ;D
    Openhigh anyone? ;D

  19. eastariel says:

    “We fight for the …
    “We fight for the right for people to have other opinions.” ~ David Petraeus

    If the right to express our opinions is purchased at such a dear price, I’ll try to think more and talk less, in the hopes that my opinions will encourage more peace in the world.

  20. eastariel says:

    Americans must stop …
    Americans must stop tiptoeing through the mine fields and start removing those mines instead.
    In other words, we must discuss important issues, however uncomfortable that may be. This will help us to dissipate prejudice and join to find solutions.
    We either use free speech or lose it.
    We either manage our own government as free range citizens, or it will corral us like sheeple.

  21. Pharaoh Prince says:

    usa doesnt need to …
    usa doesnt need to give me my money actually, Im waiting for certain type of “ALIENS” or woman to come talk to me in person. Or a woman in usa to see me. So we can leave.

    I can take a wild guess about money where Im going. This is how stupid usa is hahaha.

    usa can keep their awards too.

  22. Pharaoh Prince says:

    Didnt watch the …
    Didnt watch the video but anyways, PATRIOT GAMES is messed up. ROYAL FAMILY was attacked and someone from USA stopped an attack on the ROYAL FAMILY. Its nothing, and this “group” attacks usa to hunt down the one that did this to his brother.

    People in usa are really that retarded. I wish THEY would just give me my money so I can move on and let society fix itself.

  23. Pharaoh Prince says:

    Women in usa want …
    Women in usa want me to give up my freedom of speech? What if I told you you LAWs are wrapped around me like a suit? Not what you think.

    I give up my freedom of speech!!! Now what!!! I wouldnt go there hahahaha.

    “HIGHER UP” doesnt like society either due to reasons like this.  “PATRIOT GAMES” (movie, Tom Clancy) and so on. I dont either.

    Women are stupid in usa, not all of them. Look… just live your life. I need my money so I can move on with my life (bloodline).

  24. Brdstfff says:

    Rest in peace, Mr. …
    Rest in peace, Mr. Hitchens and know that your work and your message will not be forgotten.

    Your good work fighting against islam will continue.

  25. Brdstfff says:

    If the Canadian …
    If the Canadian government ever even hinted that the United Nations could stop Canadians from criticizing islam, we would band together and demand that Canada pull out of the UN. They wouldn’t get any of our money either.

    The UN is a useless, money sucking Socialist organization that is committing suicide with these kinds of ludicrous pronouncements.

    GO YOURSELVES, UN. And while you’re at it, you can ISLAM TOO.

    TRY to stop me. I dare you.

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