the constitution Cam Edwards talks to James Manley from the Mountain States Legal Foundation about this article: – NRA News – August 17, 2012 –

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8 Responses to “University of Colorado Banning Guns in Dorms”

  1. DrDissent says:

    And you get bet …
    And you get bet those dorm rates are higher.

  2. SRGTHALO says:

    it could be worse.
    it could be worse.

  3. RamoneTalarico says:

    Colorado University …
    Colorado University? yup proving my theory that the schools and colleges have been infiltrated. (Holder:Brainwashing kids into thinking guns are bad 1996)

  4. HailMinnesota says:

    Well is it just me …
    Well is it just me or would you feel safer where Carry Permit holders live also? This will be a great comparison too see where there is more crime.

  5. GunOwnerDan says:

    Killers Love “GUN …
    Killers Love “GUN FREE ZONES”.

  6. linestorming says:

    well Im banning my …
    well Im banning my daughters from ever going to the university of colorado… my girls will not be able to defend themselves, so no….

  7. XOTheCrystalStarrOX says:

    Let’s make it …
    Let’s make it easier for our EDUCATED to perish by banning their access to protect themselves & others during pressing, urgent, or IMMEDIATE danger-NOT… & what if a bear wanders onto campus & attacks people!?!? Gun bans are serious infringements on our 2nd amendment/natural/basic human rights, particularly in places of higher education so as to not shift towards a species of stupor/dumbness. HELLOOOO

  8. bannedbyMusloons says:

    Yup jus setting up …
    Yup jus setting up their students for another nice massacre this time in the dorms, is all part of the master plan once it happens it will just be further ammunition to take guns from lawful citizens and they need to strike while the iron is hot.

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