the constitution The incoming leader of the National Rifle Association, the largest gun lobby in the US, has told supporters they’re at the front line of a ‘culture war’, fighting for the right to bear arms. The association’s annual convention is in it’s second day in the southern state of Texas. Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports from Houston, where gun control advocates aren’t giving up.

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  1. stormhawkstan says:

    Al Jazera is …
    Al Jazera is spitting on the graves of all the innocent, defenseless children murdered in the Holocaust, and all the hundreds of millions murdered in Genocide.
    See”Obama gun control speech vs. Reality” and “Surrender your guns, surrender your FREEDOM(don’t let history repeat again)” youtube.
    Google “27 Feb. 1933″ to see how a false flag TOOK the People’s FREEDOM.
    A People, Willing To Trade Away FREEDOM, for safety, Deserve Neither. And Will Lose Both.
    ——– Benjamin Franklin.

  2. Trace Smith says:

    Lmao geezz stricter …
    Lmao geezz stricter gun laws will not stop guns in the hands of bad people!! They will always get them! TPTB want to take away your gun rights yet they sell arms by the millions to foreign countries!!! Im keeping my gun thankyou!!!

  3. sun Tao says:

    For your …
    For your information the NRA is a grass roots organization that supports our Constitutional rights! Thanx to the NRA, without which we would have NO  gun rights,
    our society has been recently so propagandized by special interests and a powerful oligarchy that is imposing a fascist regime on our nation, and the only way they can do that is to take the last great power that was deeded to the citizenry-the Second Amendment

  4. OxbowisaMstie says:

    You really don’t …
    You really don’t know what is going on in Mexico, do you?

  5. OxbowisaMstie says:

    When they support …
    When they support the Constitution let me know. They are just supporting their rights to manufacture weapons of death to the American people and hyping baseless paranoia.

  6. LittlePinky82 says:

    You’re funny.
    You’re funny.

  7. superpoof says:

    Maybe you need a …
    Maybe you need a copy of the constitution.Your logic is flawed.How about the kids that get in their parents cars and go for a drive? Do you call that responsible? Right now,the Government has so many regulations to “protect” us from ourselves,it is pathetic.Why do I have to wear a seatbelt,or helmet on a motor bike?How about a swimming pool with no fence? Is that responsible? Kids taking prescription drugs from mom and dad’s medicine cabinet?Or watching on their DVD player?Yep.Just guns=bad

  8. geekconnection says:

    I would if i could, …
    I would if i could, but I am under the custody of my parents for now until i turn 18 one year from now. Also what about what I said was retarded? The order in which I organised the different lobbies is pure perspective ( I did not state it was fact to begin with) The down votes I get do not represent a fact they show opinion, which is good because that’s what America is about and gives you the right to do unlike other countries, so I am greatly thankful for that. The down votes represent viewers

  9. ThisIsTurok99 says:

    Does this explain …
    Does this explain why you’re retarded? LOL

    You can always leave America if you hate it so much. Move to Canada and get yourself a proper education.

  10. theyare5150 says:

    Obama is an …
    Obama is an underdiognosed fill in the blank in need of proper medical treatments

  11. theyare5150 says:

    Get that kenyan …
    Get that kenyan communist out of the peoples house

  12. drattler1946 says:

    Every GOVT on the …
    Every GOVT on the planet IS and HAS controlled banned,prohibited,guns ammo the USA is no different, BUT FOR THE NRA US citizens by now would be disarmed. Mexico is disarmed,only criminals have guns, YET THE MEXICAN CONSTITUTION GUARANTEES MEXICANS THE RIGHT to be ARMED–RIGHT– MEXICO does not have the NRA.

  13. geekconnection says:

    Saul Alinsky …
    Saul Alinsky tactics will not work with me. The approach may appear moderate and widely accepted but I fear that there is a deeper meaning and the reforms content is radical, just like Obamacare and forcing people to buy into insurance along with mandatory end of life counselling, not so moderate after all huh?

  14. geekconnection says:

    It’s so …
    It’s so obvious, most of these Home Grown terrorists were found on Prozac and other narcotics when they committed their crimes. Why aren’t we going after the Drug companies and the FDA that approves of their brainwashing crap?

  15. geekconnection says:

    But some who are …
    But some who are actually sane might not pass. I don’t own a gun yet, but once I turn 18 I will purchase a handgun, because you never know when you may need it, just like car insurance. I am worried because the medical community has labeled me as being on the Autism spectrum and my rights may be discriminated against because of it.

  16. joe schmoe says:

    Did that video …
    Did that video seriously claim no one has advocated confiscation? *cough* Feinstein *cough*

  17. MEBEARDOG says:

    Wonder whats gonna …
    Wonder whats gonna happen after the next ten massacres? Probably nothing.

  18. allgoo19 says:

    “shut up noob”

    “shut up noob”
    Do you support censorship?
    If you do, that means you are against the constitution, yet you support only gun right amendment part of the constitution.
    True or false?
    BTW, do you now that in 2nd amendment, it guarantees the right to be “well regulated”?

  19. allgoo19 says:

    “AlJazeera, …
    “AlJazeera, showing its bias for the Marxist/Zionist anti-Christ agenda. ”
    Which part of this video makes Aljazeela, “Marxist/Zionist anti-Christ”?

  20. allgoo19 says:

    “Stop trolling, …
    “Stop trolling, it’s not healthy.”
    Couple of questions,
    *What makes him a troll?
    *What’s not healthy? Money in the politics?

  21. allgoo19 says:

    “what makes cops as …
    “what makes cops as human being more capable then an average person.”
    Policemen have responsibility to their jobs.
    Private gun owners, none of it.
    Do you support the idea of allowing criminals and mentally ills to have easy access to the guns, negkreyol21?

  22. allgoo19 says:

    “Thank you NRA for …
    “Thank you NRA for standing up for the Constitution! Gun banners be damned death to tyrants!

    It’s all about the profit.
    Don’t kid yourself.

  23. Dasa Devildog says:

    Oh yes, because the …
    Oh yes, because the main stream media is so truthful and unbiased right?

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