US State Dept bans free speech

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the constitution Peter Van Buren has become one of the newest targets of the US Department of State. What did he do? He blogged. Van Buren posted a link to a publically available WikiLeaks diplomatic cable, but even after nearly a quarter of a century with the US government, they are opening up an investigation on him. Following the release of a new book from Van Buren, he talks to Lauren Lyster about what you can and can’t say in the land of the free.

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25 Responses to “US State Dept bans free speech”

  1. quinney141 says:

    read the book. …
    read the book. Peter Van Buren = BAWSE

  2. StopCollectivism says:

    Organisation of …
    Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) attack on 1st Ammendment Rights
    Hillary Clinton says for the sake of MULTICULTURALISM and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS it may be necessary to forget about the dignitity, status or rights of women as we learn to better appease Islam.

  3. raytommusic says:

    Ending Tyranny: …
    Ending Tyranny:

  4. Currahee05GT says:

    After much thought …
    After much thought and reflection,I must conclude this lady has nice titties.

  5. 57yearcrucifixion says:

    CRIMES: Count 1 – …
    CRIMES: Count 1 – Invasion of Privacy. Which caused Count 2 – CONTINUOUS-CROWN-OF-THORNS since 2/16/1994. 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week- 365-days-a-year, for-over-18-continuous-years.  Saturday, March 3, 2012 (Eternal Death), 1:13 PM (Earth-Eastern Standard Time)

  6. anthonyontherocks says:

    MilitantPatriot com …
    MilitantPatriot com
    MilitantPatriot com
    MilitantPatriot com
    MilitantPatriot com

  7. lowcarb85 says:

    very well said sir.
    very well said sir.

  8. edwardd6681 says:

    nice looking …
    nice looking reporter 

  9. HamTylerLives says:

    i wasnt aware .gov …
    i wasnt aware .gov couldnt look at wikileaks without clearance, that is hilarious how frightened they are of their own people learning what the program is really all about.

  10. eastariel says:

    “We fight for the …
    “We fight for the right for people to have other opinions.” ~ David Petraeus

    If the right to express our opinions is purchased at such a dear price, I’ll try to think more and talk less, in the hopes that my opinions will encourage more peace in the world.

  11. wovoka says:

    I have just fallen …
    I have just fallen in love with that beautiful anchorwoman. ♥♥♥

  12. XxMajorpainxX says:

    RT is so incredibly …
    RT is so incredibly biased, with obviouse anti-western propaganda and anyone who actually takes heed of this network thinking it as fair reporting is blind, is it not obviouse? just look at the titles for their videos. watch “Russia Today = Kremlin propaganda newscast”


    now u can be the …
    now u can be the voice of those who cannot speak

  14. OminousReason says:

    I know this has …
    I know this has nothing to do with the far more pertinent issues here, but that is an unprecedented amount of hotness in modern journalism.

  15. bertmcchick says:

    so this dude was a …
    so this dude was a part of a psy ops program in iraq and now that all the hitting the fan hes trying to capitalize by playing the victim? all this is rigged,

  16. haifab1 says:

    america lost it’s …
    america lost it’s moral values since zionist  lobby’s took over the country

  17. SomeGuy3333 says:

    he never claimed …
    he never claimed he was water board, they didn’t treat him like a terrorist.

  18. ChicagoProdigy says:

    …Says the state- …
    …Says the state-funded mdia outlet from the country ranked 144 on the Free Press Index.

  19. deanfarry says:

    Let’s hear it for …
    Let’s hear it for the dislikes-NOT!!!-ha! Don’t you like sharing that you dislike this? If you do like “disliking” something, It’s because of the bill of rights and Constitution (or what is left of it) that there are not police at your door, breaking it down right this moment! Or for that matter at mine for posting this!

  20. AndrewTubbiolo says:

    What a shame. …
    What a shame. Russia does to its critics what the State Dept is doing to Peter Van Buren on a national scale. Yet other than NPR this guy gets no coverage in the so called free press of the USA.

  21. amerlibmov says:

    The coming second …
    The coming second great depression is going to cause the greatest reversal of migration in world history. Unemployment will climb so high that millions of immigrants, legal and illegal will depart in the coming decades.If they return home now, they have a chance of finding jobs to survive the crisis.If they stay, there’ll be no jobs here and nothing when they have to return home anyway. Illegals go now to survive or be prepared to experience unemployment, hunger and deprivation in the U.S.

  22. kopellhinex says:

    bankers+lawyers+ …
    bankers+lawyers+police+judge+politicians = DIRTY CAPITALIST SCAM PIGS.
    BANKERS & DRUGLORDS screwed life & society in human history.

  23. Dehzee says:

    12:02-’talk about a …
    12:02-’talk about a free press…’, LOLOLOLOL!

  24. Roweinna says:

    Did you listen? He …
    Did you listen? He said “the State Dept is like a Mafia Family. You don’t talk about family issues outside the family!”

  25. mjg19999 says:


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