What do you think will happen to our gun rights now that Obama is going to be president? Do you think that a President can actually disarm all of the citizens in the United States without Problems?
I cant honestly decide on a best answer for this one. Thanks for all of your answers and I will leave it for the voters. All answers were great in my book. Keep shooting!

He will make is so expensive and make legal gun owners who have no wish to break any laws jump though rings of fire people will just give their rights up….

But people do not give in. Write, vote, express how you wish to keep your rights…ALL of them not just the ones that other like or use…


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  1. bob b says:

    our constitution gives us rights he cannot change,yes there will be many problems,it wont be allowed to happen
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  2. Meilien says:

    Sensible gun ownership is perfectly safe under Obama. Like all modern presidents he lacks the power to do anything more than introduce mild restrictions, and the constitution means that an outright ban would be impossible without a 2/3 majority vote form all states.

    Personally, I’d like to see him restrict assault weapons ownership, introduce mandatory registration on all firearms, and to introduce legislation mandating that guns be stored in locked containers with a good theft resistance.

    This will protect sensible gun owners and sportsmen (No serious sportsman would use an assault weapon) and ensure that kids and junkies can’t get their hands on all of those guns that are currently left tin glove compartments and at the back of closets.

    Of course, most of this (if any) won’t happen because of my first paragraph.
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  3. bobbo342 says:

    He will make is so expensive and make legal gun owners who have no wish to break any laws jump though rings of fire people will just give their rights up….

    But people do not give in. Write, vote, express how you wish to keep your rights…ALL of them not just the ones that other like or use…
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    Gun Owner, NRA member, Bitter clinger

  4. mike i says:

    First off.

    1.) the 1994 Bill Clinton Assault Weapon Ban was A JOKE….LITERALLY AND STATISTICALLY!!!!
    According to FBI stats, UNDER 3% of gun crimes were commited with so called Assault Weapons!
    Dont believe me, google it for yourself.

    The assault weapons ban ONLY…..ONLY banned cosmetic features…..so it really did nothing. Manufactures of the Ak-47 rifle MADE a specific version of the ak-47 in disguise to BYPASS the assault weapons ban (the Saiga rifle), which turned out to be Russian Quality, so BETTER ak-47′s came into the country!
    Thanks bill clinton!
    If it werent for you, i would never got a russian quality ak-47 for $300!!!

    (BTW: The Saiga line of rifles ARE used for hunting….they were actually made for that purpose too…not just bypassing the Ban.)

    And anyone who argues about hunting with assault rifles, you need to consider something.
    Why do people like to drive Porsches and Mustangs, Camaros, Ferraris and build drag cars?
    Because they LIKE cars and like EXOTICS.

    Just like with guns…..its BORING to hunt with the same mosseburg shotgun or same 30-06 rifle….

    Some people like the challenge of using an assault weapon, which actually have DECREASED accuracy when compared to hunting rifles…..they also have decreased range and penetration.

    The whole term Assault Weapon is a joke.
    Assault Weapons use SMALLER calibers…and can ONLY fire in Semi-Auto fire!!!
    You could LITERALLY do more damage with a pump-action or hunting rifle!!!

    dont believe me?
    The ak-47 cartridge is ACTUALLY technically a PISTOL round!
    Its HALF the size of a typical Hunting Caliber


    BTW again: Obama is concerned with HANDGUN crime, which is over 90% of the problems.

    And I believe the statistic is like UNDER 30% of guns used in crimes are stolen, the rest are BOUGHT off the streets, which comes in thru an Illegal Arms Dealer, which usually SHIP them from another country.

    So banning guns HERE would be COMPLETELY POINTLESS and leave civilians helpless!!!

    (since obviously the guns ARENT coming from here, and theres so many guns already out in the streets, it would take decades to get them off the streets.)

    Cops are ONLY minutes away when seconds count!!!

    Plus I would NEVER EVER give up my guns.
    Anyone that comes to take them WILL be met with gunfire!

    The 2nd ammendment means too much to me, and id defend it with my life in a SECOND, i promise you.
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  5. Christopher H says:

    I do not believe the President can disarm all of the American citizens. First of all they have been trying to disarm the criminsls and they can’t get that done so I doubt they will manage to get all the guns from people who have that right constutionally portected.

    However I do think he will try to do what he can. Here is a quote from him:

    "My first priority will be to reinstate the assault weapons ban as soon as I take office. Within 90 days, we will go back after kitchen table dealers, and work to end the gun show and internet sales loopholes. In the first year, I intend to work with Congress on a national no carry law, 1 gun a month purchase limits, and bans on all semi-automatic guns."

    –Barack Obama, VPC Fund Raiser, 2007

    The idea that assualt weapons should be banned is silly. The very same peolple who claim we should ban them are usually the same people claiming that the 2nd Amendment applies only to military service. Also since less than 1% of all homicides are done with semi-automatic rilfes of military caliber it would have NO impact on crime, just like the last ban had no impact on crimie.

    If you want to do somthing about crime, try going after the criminals and leave the rest of us alone. But crime control is not what Obama is interestined in when it comes to banning guns. Any thinking person who can accepts the fact understands that the more guns there in the hands of law abiding citizens, the less crime there is.

    This very concept is in a book by crimonologist, Professor Gary Klec of the University of Florida at Miami. Read it and get a clue.

    I am always amazed at how people with no information want to tell me what I should and should not have, even when such items are consitutionally protected.
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    Point Blank: Guns and Violence in America by Gary Kleck

    Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control by Gary Kleck and Don B. Kates

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