the constitution Cam Edwards talks to Frank Miniter, who wrote this article for Forbes: – NRA News – October 26, 2012 –

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10 Responses to “What President Obama Says He’ll Do To Your Gun Rights”

  1. jedslather says:

    Romney will not be …
    Romney will not be any different, RON PAUL is the man to vote for EOD!! and regarding full or semi auto regulations! did you all just drop down from the trees? you need a freaking license to get a full auto, so hands off!!! if some nut want to murder good citizens he or she will get what they want anyway!! illegally!! just because you are a man and is equipped with a D*** you are not automatically a rapist!!! Stupid people make stupid laws!!!!!

  2. rpmcq says:

    Lets not forget, …
    Lets not forget, when Mitt was asked to fight for his country he said “no thanks, send some other poor schmuck in my place, I’m going biking in France”.

  3. jstlookn48 says:

    The president knows …
    The president knows full well the difference between full and semi auto. He speaks this way in hopes of fooling the uneducated. Make no mistake…Mr. Obama in not stupid, He is a master of lie’s and trickery and has most of the media in his pocket to help him fulfill his socialist dream for the U.S.

  4. 762x35mm says:

    Slaves don’t own …
    Slaves don’t own firearms.

  5. dfxjedi says:

    I’m sure people …
    I’m sure people try to.

  6. Kruz154 says:

    You talk of the …
    You talk of the president not knowing the difference between semi auto and fully auto, why don’t you educate him??? That’s why people pay the NRA $1000 for a full membership….

  7. Davito2000 says:

    Mr. Miniter was …
    Mr. Miniter was surprised by Obama’s arrogance?? We’ve had nothing less than 4 years of “Me me me, I I I” from Obama. It was a joyous event to actually see him trip and fume when Romney called him out on certain issues; he’s so spoiled by the cover-ups the media has been doing, he doesn’t know how to take criticism to his face.

  8. texture6 says:

    High-Level …
    High-Level Executives Suddenly Dumping JP Morgan Stock En-Masse

  9. texture6 says:

    the Dodd-Frank Act, …
    the Dodd-Frank Act,

    Bank of America Corporation (NYSE/BAC) and JP Morgan & Chase Co (NYSE/JPM) have the biggest derivative components on their balance sheets. Together, they hold $140 trillion of derivatives

    Starting next year, to “prevent” another financial crisis, traders need to back up their derivatives by top-rated collateral such as U.S. Treasuries.

  10. crzyfrk08 says:

    This issue needs to …
    This issue needs to be discussed more openly as the election draws near. Go ahead and make more strict gun laws, tell me when the last time a criminal obeyed the law?

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