Who’s afraid of free speech?

On September 8, 2013, in The Constitution, by admin

the constitution Anonymous trolls fail, have failed, will always fail.

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Please forgive the brief sales pitch in the video, but some people have told me they prefer reading the transcripts, as they allow for more reflection.
Also, my books make the perfect annoying gift for the religious bigot or diversity fascist in your social circle (you know who I mean).










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22 Responses to “Who’s afraid of free speech?”

  1. ScandinavianHeretic says:

    “will oppose the …
    “will oppose the censor laws in Germany” - All such censor laws should be questioned

    “The reason they oppose it is for the same reason those who oppose you” – Not even close

    “Those who OPPOSE special rights for homosexuals” – What special rights?

    “Those who OPPOSE non-White immigration to White countries” – No such thing as a “white country”, never has been such a thing

    “Those who OPPOSE Jewish influence on our culture.” – An example?

  2. batgurrl says:

    Pat, you are an …
    Pat, you are an inspiration to ‘free thinkers’. please keep up the great work

  3. DaNightmare77 says:

    Let him talk you …
    Let him talk you stupid moron.

  4. Noob Saibot says:

    I think that it was …
    I think that it was 127 trillion

  5. Polarisnight says:

    You are an amazing …
    You are an amazing person, never stop doing what you do! You give me some hope for humanity!

  6. blazer7811 says:

    lol I’ll admit you …
    lol I’ll admit you had me think you were serious for a second.

  7. randall2020 says:

    Western culture is …
    Western culture is ancient Greek culture, which the ignorant superstitious xians tried to suppress. It is known as the Dark Ages. Sure our culture is still polluted by vicious & cruel xianity. Xian “culture” is a synonym for credulity and stupidity.

  8. SmeesLightning says:

    lol burn.
    Hear! …

    lol burn.
    Hear! hear! about the adds.

  9. Javier Añón says:

    You must be the …
    You must be the troll here. Every cultured person knows Christianity is the core of Western culture. For centuries, Christian and Western culture were used as synonims.

    Even a man who hates religion, like Dawkins, said: “I’m guess I’m na cultural christian”. Why? Because British culture is Christian, whether you like it or not!

  10. ulmeulme says:

    you are a …
    you are a inspiration Pat…keep the free speech coming

  11. Peter Boczkowski says:

    You’re doing such …
    You’re doing such great work Sir, and i want to thank You for it, clearly, You’re the one of the most free thinking and reasonable minds out there, having such charisma and spreading good things, and to give my shout out to islam fuckfaces, your so called faith is dead because sooner or later people will stand up seeing what you’re doing in countries where your believes are in majority… hell… living in 21st century with morons that still believe in fairy tales… humans are so dumb ;d

  12. Vijit Allada says:

    hey pat, keep …
    hey pat, keep making your videos! we all much appreciate your efforts… let the truth be told!

  13. Firemarioflower says:

    NOT TRUE! …
    NOT TRUE! Feminism is good, but the uberfeminists are commies. Liberalism?? No way, how can you say that.
    liberty = freedom, that’s a good thing.

  14. Firemarioflower says:

    You’re an idiot. …
    You’re an idiot. WE dont want ‘special’ rights for gay people.
    WE want EQUAL rights for everyone, moron. Special treatment is discrimination.

  15. shidzar bachehmahal says:

    those so called …
    those so called documents are faked by Zionist party to take a of Palestinians. think yourself 9millions?????????

  16. Granny Basher says:

    WTF?!?!?…You …
    WTF?!?!?…You western dogs invade and destroy our lands, bomb our women and children with drones, and yet you think we are the problem? Keep your dirty Imperialist hands off Muslim countries or embrace Islam if you don’t want a problem with Muslims. ALLAH AWHAKBAR!!!

  17. Saitoe123 says:

    keep it up love all …
    keep it up love all your videos man

  18. TheWersum says:

    Islam is Nazism. …
    Islam is Nazism. Feminism is fascism.

    Liberals have become a new Nazi.

    FO Nazi POS.

  19. Kbrt111 says:

    I doubt it..but at …
    I doubt it..but at some point – the numbers are irrelevant–definitely there were millions of innocent people murdered. ..so if million there or million there–the crime is crime

  20. garibaldiamy says:

    The Only person who …
    The Only person who is displaying any fascism is you.

    Freedom of speech is a Human Right whatever the speech is provided it doesnt incite violence. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ?????

  21. GretelForest says:

    I read that the …
    I read that the count for Jewish people killed was more like 9 million based on documentation that was recently found.

  22. GretelForest says:

    I think Michael is …
    I think Michael is saying that lots of people have been harmed in the world and we should have compassion for all people. Native Indians were slaughtered and their way of life was destroyed. Look at the battles between Hindu and Islam people or the Tutsi and Hutus. What happened to the Jewish people was absolute horror but remember that other people had been hurt in similiar ways too for their looks, religion, culture.

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