Switzerland has more gun rights than the US and next to no crime. Crime and violence clearly has everything to do with the people and nothing to do with the guns.


Because it doesn’t help them prove their point. If anything, it shoots holes in it (pardon the pun).


15 Responses to “Why do progressives use Japan as an excuse to ban guns but they ignore Switzerland gun rights?”

  1. Thomas says:

    I agree with you, but look at Switzerland’s demographics. There’s your answer.
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  2. Tea Party Hero says:

    They’ve got a lot of violent stabbings in Japan
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  3. Dreaded Rear Admiral says:

    Because it doesn’t help them prove their point. If anything, it shoots holes in it (pardon the pun).
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  4. arnie g says:

    Makes no Sense

    Many schools in the US have police officers assigned to them aren’t they the same as armed guards…..
    In a not perfect world only the good guys would turn in their guns and we would be helpless and at the
    mercy of the bad guys.Too bad we will never know if a police officer was assigned to that school how many lives could he have saved. Drugs and drunk driving have been against the law for years and that does not help.
    Having a gun will not help all the time but being defenseless will never help..
    We could use the money we give to countries that hate us,our children are more important!!

    Isn’t it better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have it!!
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  5. tylertxanreborn says:

    the only reason japan today has no private ownership of firearms is that they lost the second world war in 1945-disarming the population was party of the treaty
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  6. February1 says:

    Your have failed to provide any description of what ‘more gun rights’ looks like in Switzerland. The US has more access to guns than any nation. Please note that most developed nations have very restrictive access to owning fire arms of any kind. Those nations also count gun deaths by the dozen while the US counts gun deaths by the thousands each year.

    Your claim is clearly bogus.
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  7. True Believer says:

    Exactly, it has everything to do with the people. Unfortunately, Americans
    are nothing like the Swiss or the Japanese. We are freakin’ animals compared
    to them, so we need some restrictions. Is it responsible to let pit bulls run free?
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  8. justagrandma says:

    Switzerland has those gun rights because every male serves in the military at 20 and is liable for call up until 30, 34 for officer.

    You really want that here?
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  9. mark says:

    Switzerland has a smaller population than New York City spread over an area 1000 larger than NYC. Hardly a good comparison
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  10. Sadcat says:

    Switzerland has more gun rights than the U.S.?

    Then why are the following things true:

    –The sale of automatic firearms, selective fire weapons and certain accessories such as sound suppressors ("silencers") is forbidden (as is the sale of certain disabled automatic firearms which have been identified as easily restored to fully automatic capability). The purchase of such items is however legal with a special permit issued by cantonal police. The issuance of such a permit requires additional requirements to be met, e.g. the possession of a specific gun locker.
    –Gun trade among individuals will require a valid weapon acquisition permit.
    –Weapons acquired from an individual in the last ten years (which did not require a weapon acquisition permit) have to be registered. As a central weapons register was politically unfeasible, the authorities hope to get an overview of the market through this registration requirement.
    –Every gun must be marked with a registered serial number.


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  11. the optimist says:

    Did you know that every able bodied man must serve in the swiss army.
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  12. Ped0phile Pastors Aren't Cool says:

    You mean Switzerland with its national registry of all firearms?

    You mean Switzerland with its over three months to get a gun while they do background checks for you to get a "weapons acquisition permit"?

    You mean Switzerland with its limit to just three guns per person?

    You mean Switzerland with its requirement that you produce "clear need" for a handgun before purchase?

    Why do toothless illiterates always use Switzerland as an example but apparently are too fvcking lazy or too fvcking stupid to look at what the law actually are there?
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  13. ms manners says:

    For the same reason they ignore Mexico, which has a lot more in common with the US than Japan, England or Australia do.
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  14. Gone Rogue says:

    A better comparison would be Israel where every school is armed and for good reason as Palestinians targeted Jewish children. Yet they have had no shootings since they armed the schools.
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  15. Daniel says:

    And the solution you propose is… What exactly?

    Switzerland is an exception. For one, they still have compulsory military service, meaning they don’t have many citizens who aren’t trained in firearm safety.

    Furthermore, it’s pretty much documented that when you have a high standard of living and one of the highest incomes per capita, you wouldn’t have much crime because few people want to be criminals. Crime is generally a choice made due to a lack of any other options.
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