the constitution Apple’s co-founder fears that freedom of information is under attack, with the internet controlled and regulated in unnecessary and harmful ways. RT talked to Steve Wozniak on a range of topics, from Wikileaks to Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom.


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25 Responses to “Wozniak: Web crackdown coming, freedom failing”

  1. TheMrMorphling says:

    I’m pretty sure you …
    I’m pretty sure you meant Wozniak is pretty sexy, but I forgive you.

  2. BrotherWoody1 says:

    Great news! Thanks.
    Great news! Thanks.

  3. AlexanderAnarchist says:

    I love Kim Dotcom.
    I love Kim Dotcom.

  4. JMMT7022801 says:

    Steve looks like …
    Steve looks like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz.

    Abby seems like the type of girl that would blow you off at a bar, she probably smokes a lot of pot or something, talks like Marilyn Manson, and has this metal schrapnel on her face, lol!

  5. YiuTeub says:

    I will take her old …
    I will take her old slot. Sorry I had to.

  6. ConstantineJoseph says:

    How professional to …
    How professional to wear a nose ring

  7. YorickReturns says:

    Abby is taking over …
    Abby is taking over Alyona’s old slot on RT next month.

  8. bulletproof2353 says:

    lets see who in the …
    lets see who in the world would ever want to stifle free speech andcensor the internet ?

    i would tell you to go to zioncrimefactory, but as of 3 days ago it was shut down ….again…. for the second time in a month

  9. YorickReturns says:

    Wozniak is at …
    Wozniak is at least a third-degree Freemason. His first wife was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, closely associated with the Freemasons. Check Wikipedia.

  10. dkisthemanFL says:

    Fuck Chris Dodd and …
    Chris Dodd and the MPAA forever. I hope he dies of canine herpes

  11. SpiritsBB says:

    lol, the guy’s so …
    lol, the guy’s so defensive, like he’s gonna be the next target by US government.

  12. cenkaetaya1 says:

    Good Interview.

    Good Interview.

    Its sad to watch our internet freedom slip away more and more ever day.

  13. BrotherWoody1 says:

    Excellent interview …
    Excellent interview. Abby seems ready for her own 1 hr. Alyona type show. BTW, yesterday, Alyona was undermined by the producers on HP. I’ll watch again around 6 & see if there’s any incisive topic where A. can really let go, i.e. if again on at the same time (?). She had 5 (!) guests with about equal time to give their inane opinions on Kathryn Bigelow’s new movie “Bin Laden.” A’s total segment of this=a total misuse/abuse of A & her skills. HP’s entire pm was chit chatty fluff. Zero news.

  14. trichometetrahydron says:

    i disagree that …
    i disagree that protest should be legitimized by the authorities. this is against the whole principle of protest. authorities will never allow speech or movements which threaten their power.

  15. zly81 says:

    Good to hear …
    Good to hear someone talking sense every once in a while. Nice one Steve.

  16. bulletproof2353 says:

    the law is …
    the law is bullshit dumbass, sharing files falls under FAIR USE no matter how many laws these parasitic jews buy or try and pass

  17. derekvolt says:

    The governments are …
    The governments are there to take them away, bill of rights, yeah right. From JP Morgan himself grab as much money as you can and frk everyone else.

  18. bulletproof2353 says:

    he also believes …
    he also believes that downloading “corpright material” is criminal,is not ,its FAIR USE and its cause he is apple, apple = ABC, pixar, disney, = jews,bob iger michael isner, jeffery katzenberg = jewish hollyood $ which is what is behind sopa pipa coica acta and all the other internet censorship bills and the take down of megaupload,

  19. Krepta3000 says:

    file sharing sites …
    file sharing sites may be able to enforce copyright laws as well as patent laws, with great difficulty, but they are not the criminals, the people who knowingly break the law are. Sure, a site can make it so every upload must be authorized for sharing by a mod. That will quickly slow things down, allot. Freedom is not by government permission. Liberty is above and beyond government or country.

  20. derekvolt says:

    I come from New …
    I come from New Zealand and seeing them raid Kim Dotcom’s house was a total farce. It was like they thought they were the SAS or something. It is New Zealands way of sucking up to the authority of America. Total farce.

  21. Krepta3000 says:

    What?! How could …
    What?! How could you say she has a penis? That’s stupid.

  22. HooliTV says:

    Not Government!!!
    Not Government!!!

  23. HooliTV says:

    the creator is what …
    the creator is what gives us our freedom!!!

  24. skibbli says:

    i think she has a …
    i think she has a dick

  25. usexoticsltd says:

    He believes that …
    He believes that the federal government gave us freedoms, and he’s fine with marches and demonstrations as long as the “authorities” allow it. Yech.

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